the team

Martin Belton

Martin is our managing director, he does the strategic leadership and development bit.

Clive Snell

Clive is our commercial director and works with our partners to get the best content out there

Kate Graham

Kate manages all of the marketing/online/social stuff

Peter Williams

Peter is the company secretary and so keeps an eye on the business, but as editor of e.learning age he is also interested watching the content develop.

Melanie Williams

Melanie is non-executive chairman and brings her wealth of commercial and publish experience to mylearningworx.

Craig Hogan

Craig is the technical director: he built the platform from scratch and continues to take responsibility for ensuring it’s in great shape.

Sam Belton

Sam is our applications engineer, he maintains and improves the company's internal and external IT applications and infrastructure.

Nick Davey

Nick is our marketing executive. He is currently with us a part of his university placement year to gain some real life marketing experience.