about mylearningworx

Built by passion for learning.

Crowd-sourced content

mylearningworx is the UK’s first ‘crowd-sourced content’ learning platform.

It’s a public elearning marketplace full of courses sourced from the top content providers rubbing shoulders with courses created by the crowd, for the crowd – that is any Internet user.

Democratising learning

The platform is focussed on offering courses that are relevant to to the UK, whether it’s learning to do better at work or just to get more out of life.

mylearningworx wants to be involved in the mission to democratise learning. In the past, the best elearning has been the preserve of larger organisations with the buying power to afford the best courses for their staff.

Change the world

But mylearningworx wants to change all of that and bring all of these top courses into marketplace so now consumers and the smallest enterprises can access the best courses and the widest possible libraries …without paying a fortune.

The same principle applies to producing courses. In the past, the ability to create good elearning has been too restricted because it was complicated and expensive to create. mylearningworx sweeps all that aside.

Create your own learning content

Our brilliantly simple learning authoring tool means that anyone can write and deliver powerful elearning to the world. In doing so, our partners, authors and subject experts - and that can mean you - can profit from their hard won knowledge by charging a reasonable fee for their work and expertise.
mylearningworx then makes all this happen through a powerful promotional programme which reaches out and promotes your courses to thousands of people for both business and pleasure use for everybody’s benefit.